Intergalactic soul is an art exhibition that brings science fiction and social awareness together as one. The artwork explores a cosmic sci-fi theme that’s driven by social, political and cultural undertones. Imagination meets consciousness to create an art show with a message for all to talk about and enjoy.

Artist Statement

Equity, accessibility, and futurism comprise the crucible for creating multimedia works that not only dignify the bodies and experiences of people of color but envision them in an empowered future. Afro-futurism is embedded through design to connect and educate community members across experiences and identities. Likewise, after conceptualization, we rely on the insight and participation of community members to co-create art that creates sustainable economic opportunity and social vitality. Through cw assignments experts, we ensure that the art is representative of the community it serves.

Cosmic Connections - Miami Art Basel - 2014
Intergalactic Soul - Harvey B. Gnatt Center - 2015
Intergalactic Soul - Frame of Mind - 2015
Intergalactic Soul - Portland Community College - 2016
The World is a Mirror to My Freedom - McColl Center for Arts & Innovation - 2017
Intergalactic Soul - Locust Projects - 2017
Intergalactic Soul - Time Camp - 2018
Intergalactic Soul - Ackland Museum - 2019
Intergalactic Soul - Duke Theater - 2019
Intergalactic Soul - Highland Gallery - 2020
Skin in the Game - Palos Verdes Art Center - 2020
Find Financial Essay Writing Services - 2023
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